15 April 2010

Original, Mini-Scrap Kit Designs by JE McManus

NOTE: All my freebie downloads are provided on via my Rapidshare account in file sizes specifically created to accomodate both
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You DO NOT have to have a paid
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Hi All:

Here you will find the results of many hours of tinkering with a variety of graphic programs I use. On this blog, you will find both custom created, Commercial Use & Personal Use designer resources as well as complete, free, mini-scrap kits that are for personal or non-profit use only. Commercial use guidelines are listed in the TOU (Terms of Use) document provided in each kit (TOU varies from kit to kit).

My mini-scrap kits are comprised exclusively of custom created images originating from FTU templates, heavily altered, public domain images or Creative Commons images requiring a share and share alike copyright upon alteration, and occasionally, FTU CU elements I have picked up from other blogger sites.

What exactly is a mini-scrap kit?

There are probably numerous opinions floating around regarding the correct answer to this question. Since you are on my blog, I will offer up my thoughts on the term since it applies to materials you are about to download.

My kits are upsized tagger sized kits or downsized, industry standard size kits. Confused yet? Let me make it simple. All the papers and elements you might find in a full size kit are included in my free offerings. The difference is, at this time, I simply do not have the PC "horsepower" needed to create the standard sized, 3600 x 3600 pixel kits. Kit sizes vary from 1200 x 1200 to 1600 x 1600 pixels - 300 dpi. Keep in mind that industry standard digi-scraps are 3600 x 3600 pixels @300 DPI --the equivalent of a 12 x 12 printed page. Since my kits are scaled smaller, creating a scrap page with one of my kits for screen viewing on a CD or your desktop will offer you plenty of "real estate" space; however, best results on a printed page will only be around the equivalent of a 5 x 5 photograph. In other words, working with my materials is BEST SUITED for on-screen viewing!

One thing I must stress - I advocate Yahoo & other group sharing efforts with respect to my kits. The kits are free and were made to be shared with all. I DO ask that you do not re-upload my kits in order to share them: Instead, please provide my rapidshare download link along with the kit preview. Checking my download statistics is the only way I can gauge whether there is an active interest in my work. Please respect that!

Of course, it would be nice if you added a link to my blog. I will try to post a new freebie each week.

I hope you like my work and return frequently in order to take advantage of upcoming, free downloads.

I just opened up this blog in order to meet the requirements of various ygroups I belong to that do not permit the posting of direct, rapidshare links. Over time, I will add to and enhance this blog. For now, here are the scrap kits and previews! Enjoy and feel free to leave comments!