26 August 2009

CU Solids, V.I

I am on a roll with respect to textured overlay production and distribution. This set of solids is focused primarily on "found," random elements (both natural and manmade) photographed on the rural property I live on as well as the rural, landfill municipal shelter where I volunteer to help euthanization endangered dogs find rescue.

These textured overlays are created at 230 DPI, based on my camera's highest setting and my computer's limitations. Overlay sizes are assorted, from 1000 x 1000 pixels to 2400 x 2400 pixels (10 inch print quality).

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CU Solids, VI - Textured Overlays by JE McManus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

CU Cellophanes

Hi All:

I love layering! When teaching digital layering to students, I compare layering to the stacking of "window panes" and synergy. Each transparent pane of glass has its own, unique imprint or characteristic that both stands alone or, when stacked, creates a complete, new work reflecting the sum of the parts.

Recently, I photographed several transparent items with the intent to create clear "sheets" of texture to enhance both simple colors and complex works. The result is my CU Cellophanes Overlay Pack, now available for download! Enjoy!

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Your comments are appreciated.

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CU Cellophanes by JE McManus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

17 August 2009

CU Border Template Pack with Finished Samples

Hi All:

For my followers, if you are making your way in thinking a new, altered art kit is available, I hate to disappoint you! I have a few, utilitarian freebies to share. Sometimes process flourishes from getting "back to the basics!"

This week, I am distributing a new set of self-designed border templates and finished samplers, seen above and below, for Commercial and Personal Use. Unlike my downsized, 1800 x 1800, full decked out scrap kits, my Commercial Use freebies are and will be in traditional, 3600 x 3600 scrap kit format (my computer can handle an element in this size range - just not digital papers, which send its "energy level" in to oblivion!) The set includes 5 designed from scratch templates along with 10 finished samples & some bonus, angled dividers. All items are CU & PU. Review my TOU to familiarize yourself with the details and restrictions.


Click here to download this 25 MB freebie!

While NO CREDIT is required, I would really appreciate it if designers would notify me when my CU work is used, as it lets me know that providing it is a useful endeavor I should continue on with in the future.

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CU Border Template & Finished Sample Pack by JE McManus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

10 August 2009

What Nots & Maladies: An Add-On Mini Scrap Kit for On Any Given Day When She Wasn't Really There

Hi All:

It took me A LOT LONGER to develop this add-on set for my most recent, free scrap kit, On Any Given Day When She Wasn't Really There. This particular kit took me in so many different directions, I really wasn't sure where to focus. One of the themes I felt was important to add in is illness. I rarely see scrap kits that deal with illness that don't have what I consider to be a little too much cute and not enough lateral room to journal freely and honestly about living with illness of any kind. Realistically, I don't feel done with this kit and imagine there will be other add-ons over time and not necessarily sequentially (re: Theme A, B, C and D). For now, the Add-On set features numerous elements dealing with illness but also my usual kitsch and nonsense....a download of the absurd, I suppose, but then, that points most to the fodder rolling around in my own head.

This Add-On set features 4 papers & 24 elements worth of altered art, primarily re-worked from photographs gleaned from personal photos taken throughout the past two decades as well as from generous Flickr members allowing alterations of their photos through Creative Commons licensing. The kit is sized at 1800 x 1800 pixels and created at 300 DPI.
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Your comments and feedback are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!

Creative Commons Credit - Original Photographers

  1. Ill Graffiti - Flickr Member Urban Data

  2. Antlers - Flickr Member Orin Zebest

  3. Rave Girl - Flickr Member Mattoly

  4. Infant - Flickr Member Crimfant

  5. Testament Face - Flickr Member Niklas

  6. IV Hand - Flickr Member José Goulão

  7. Rabbit - Flickr Member Carly & Art
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